Archive issue - vol.12, No.1

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M.A. El-Hakiem, S.M.M. Elkabeir and A.M. Rashad - Combined heat and mass transfer on non-Darcy natural convection in a fluid saturated porous medium with thermophoresis

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M. Guria, R.N. Jana and I. Pop - Three dimensional oscillating flow between two parallel plates with heat transfer

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P. Jurczak - Rotational inertia effect in a curvilinear thrust bearing with porous layer lubricated by a Newtonian fluid

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R. Kandasamy and Azme Khamis - Thermal stratification effects on nonlinear hydromagnetic flow over a vertical stretching surface with a power-law velocity

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R. Lassoued and M. Guenfoud - On the free vibrations of beams and orthotropic plates

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M. Loudini, D. Boukhetala and M. Tadjine - Comprehensive mathematical modelling of a transversely vibrating flexible link robot manipulator carrying a tip payload

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D. Michalski - Determination of pressure drop in polymer flow in toroidal channels using the Herschel-Bulkley fluid model

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P.V.S.N. Murthy, Saikat Mukherjee, P.V.S.S.S.R. Krishna and D. Srinivasacharya - Mixed convection heat and mass transfer in a doubly stratified non-Darcy porous medium

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G. Palani and P. Ganesan - Transient unsteady natural convection MHD flow past a semi-infinite vertical plate with constant heat flux

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S. Poria - A mathematical model for turbulent bubble plume

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S.Pramanik, S. Mukhopadhyay, G.C. Layek and Sk.A. Samad - Flow characteristics in a vascular tube with an overlapping constriction

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M.A. Rahman, M.S. Rahman and A.H.M. Zafrul Hossain - Large deflection analysis of cantilever beams with an opening

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N. Rudraiah, M. Venkatachalappa and M. Siddalinga Prasad - Rayleigh-Taylor instability in electrohydrodynamics bounded by rough surface in the presence of an electric field

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Sunil, Anu Sharma and R.G. Shandil - Effect of magnetic dependent viscosity and rotation on ferrothermohaline convection in the presence of dust particles

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H.S. Takhar, R. Bhargava, S. Ravat, Tasveer A. Beg and O. Anwar Beg - Finite lement modeling of laminar flow of a third grade fluid in a Darcy Forcheimer porous medium with suction effects

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MD. Shahjada Tarafder and Kazuo Suzuki - Sinkage and trim of series 60 Hull at finite depth of water

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