Archive issue - vol.11, No.2

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P.Jurczak, A.Walicka, E.Walicki, D.Michalski -- Influence of rheological parameters on the mechanical parameters of curvilinear thrust bearing with one porous wall lubricated by a couple stress fluid

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A.Ya.Malkin -- Continuous relaxation spectrum - its advantages and methods of calculation

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E.Taliadorou and G.Georgiou and A.Alexandrou -- Two-dimensional simulations of the effect of the reservoir region on the pressure oscillations observed in the stick-slip instability regime

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M.H.Wagner -- Modeling nonlinear rheology of polydisperse polymer melts

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A.M.Afsar and S.R.Ahmed -- Analysis of stress intensity factors for a pair of edge cracks in semi-infinite medium with distributed eigenstrain

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M.Q.Al-Odat and R.A.Damseh and T.A.Al-Azab -- Thermal boundary layer on an exponentially stretching continous surface in the presence of magnetic field effect

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M.Abd El-Hakiem and M.Modather M.Abdou -- The effect of variable viscosity on mhd natural convection in micropolar fluids

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Sujit Kumar Khan -- Boundary layer viscoelastic fluid flow over an exponentially stretching sheet

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R.Kumar and P.Ailawalia -- Interaction due to mechanical sources in micropolar cubic crystal

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D.Michalski, E.Walicki, A.Walicka, P.Jurczak -- The study of pressure drops in the flow of a polymer modeled as a bingham fluid in conical channels

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G.Pathak and Ch.Maheshwari and S.P.Gupta -- Effect of radiation on unsteady free convection flow bounded by an oscillating plate with variable wall temperature

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C.Perdikis and E.Rapti -- Unsteady MHD flow in the presence of radiation

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R.C.Sharma and A.K.Aggarwal -- Effect of compressibility and suspended particles on thermal convection in a Walters' b' elastico-viscous fluid in hydromagnetics

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Md.Shahjada Tarafder and Gazi Md.Khalil -- Calculation of ship sinkage and trim in deep water using a potential based panel method

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T.Hayat, Sohail Nadeem And S.Asghar and A.M.Siddiqui -- Unsteady MHD flow due to eccentrically rotating porous disk and a third grade fluid at infinity

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A.K.L.Srivastava and P.K.Datta -- Elastic stability of square stiffened plates with cutouts under biaxial loading

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